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Gary Lange says buy me!

Get Ready for Rainbowfish Eggs - from Gary himself

It occurred Gary that we should suggest that people get ready to hatch rainbowfish eggs also. Below are the fish that Gary has available. Not many but nice. If any fish are requested he needs the request by Wednesday evening so he can get them ready.

contact info@sfaquarium.org

Melanotaenia sp “Wapoga Red Laser” – F-1 2 pair $80

3 groups available

3/4- 1.25 inch. Juveniles from this tank are now producing viable eggs. This fish is on the cover of April/May Amazonas German edition and will probably be on an American cover in the not too distant future. Your chance to get a new and undescribed rainbowfish


CHILATHERINA ALLENI “WAPOGA RIVER” – Juveniles 1.5+” 2 pair for $80


MELANOTAENIA SP ( LUBAN VILLAGE) – 6 unsexed F-1 fish ~1.5 inch 6/$45

2 groups available.


Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis – 2 pair for $35

Two groups available. These need salt water. 1 ¾ cup sea salt per 5 gallons or 1.017 SG. Thrives on live baby brine shrimp.

From Gary himself:

I’m busy feeding bows, changing their water and picking lots of eggs to make you rainbowfish egg kits. Precise instructions, first fry food and a vial of usually 50-90 eggs are included. You’ll be expected to hatch live baby brine shrimp for them for their second week food source. Get some 5 & 10 gallon clean bare tanks ready with heaters set at 82 degrees F. Get yourself some 6x6 trays to incubate the eggs in. For a complete rundown look at my article on the MASI forum. http://www.missouriaquariumsociety.com/FishHeads_Forum/viewtopic.php?f=2... One tank per species as one will outgrow the other and the smaller ones will get eaten. See you shortly!

August 1st, 2014 @ 7:00pm - Gary Lange

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Extraordinary New Rainbowfish From Papua

Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) is a Darwin’s paradise with almost every watershed separated long enough to produce unique species of rainbowfish. After multiple trips to Papua, noted authority Gary Lange has managed to find 9 or 10 brand new species of rainbow fish. As some were quite easy to find, others involved multi-day trips by outrigger over the ocean and over eight hours up winding rivers to reach the collecting destination. The members of SFAS can be the judge to see if the leeches, thorns, mosquitoes and other punishments of the jungle were worth the effort to bring out these wonderful fish! This talk will primarily deal with the most recent 2014 trip plus the capture and breeding of the amazing Wapoga Red Laser.

Gary Lange has been keeping fish since he was 10 and has been associated with the organized hobby for over three decades. He is a member of the Missouri Aquarium Society (MASI) and has held various positions in the club. He is a grand master breeder in MASI, and has won Best Fish In Show on four different occasions, twice with rainbow fish. Come join us this Friday!

*** Note our NEW LOCATION, the Covenant Presbyterian Church***

The aquatic SIG is back again starting around 6 to 6:15pm, and this time Leon will headline a workshop on how to attach epiphite plants (moss, ferns and anubias) to driftwood and stones. He will have some plants, wood and rocks for us to try - please bring your own stuff if you would like. Leon will have a sample of glue, thread, rubber bands and tie wraps as well, and the work he produces will be sold in the regular SFAS auction this night as a SIG donation.

July 11th, 2014 @ 7:00pm - Bob Allen

Covenant Presbyterian Church

“My ten most favorite aquarium fish…”

With over 65 years in the tropical fish hobby, Bob Allen has worked with hundreds of fish species from different perspectives.  Started as a young hobbyist and like many of us, Bob enjoyed breeding tropical fish and watch the offspring grew. As a professional photographer, Bob recorded the most amazing courting rituals of spawning fish.  And, as a tropical fish farmer, Bob currently operates a large fish hatchery near Salt Lake City and pays attention to the financial aspect of raising specific fish. 

In our July meeting, Bob will describe and explain his choices for his ten most favorite aquarium fish.  No doubt, one of his choices will be the Tanganyika Killifish (Lamprichthys tanganicanus) as he has quietly committed to bring some eggs for our meeting auction.

*** Please note that the meeting room is once again at our NEW LOCATION, the Covenant Presbyterian Church***

Please also remember that there will be no SIG this month but Leon is planning some wickedly good talks for the coming months. See you there!

We are moving!

Our new SFAS meeting location at Covenant Presbyterian Church

Our July speaker speaker will be shortly announced but we want to inform every of our new and exciting location for the foreseeable future in the Sunset District at the Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Also note that there will not be a SIG for July and that we plan to re-introduce this popular venue soon.

*** Again, the meeting place for July will be at Covenant Presbyterian Church. ***

image above from the web, courtesy of the web

June 6th, 2014 @ 7:00pm - Gianne Souza - Betta splendens

Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room C260

Line Breeding Betta splendens for International Betta Congress Shows

Gianne Souza is PhD graduate student studying biomedical sciences at the University of California, San Francisco. Her innate interest in genetics combined with a childhood love of fishkeeping led to the start of a fascinating betta-breeding journey. Although only seriously breeding bettas for show since moving to San Francisco in 2011, the close proximity and support of the California Betta Society allowed her to quickly expand this newfound hobby.

Gianne is currently serving as the president of CBS and is also an apprentice judge for the International Betta Congress . She will share her experience line breeding Betta splendens for show as well as her recent trip serving as an American representative to the IBC Convention held in Friedrichshafen, Germany. More information on her exploits can be found at ingloriousbettas.

Also be sure to catch the SIG directed by Leon Garden that starts up around 6:15pm as he leads a chat about fertilization and its usage in planted tanks. A hands-on display of some of the chemicals that plants need, and talk about how you might dose your planted tank with the appropriate chemicals will be provided. As always there will be a handout with an outline of the discussion and time for questions before we adjourn across the hall to the main meeting, so for those planning on coming to the SIG, here is the June syllabus

*** Please note that the meeting room is again on the second floor of Fort Mason ***

May 2nd, 2014 @ 7:00pm - Waylon Pon and breeding dwarf species

Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room C260

Breeding dwarf species made easy, with a special bonus on spawning the Electric Blue Rams

Waylon Pon is a long time member of SFAS and a former Board member. He operates a large fish hatchery with 50 tanks and over 1000 gallons. Waylon has given lectures on building fish rooms, breeding freshwater shrimps and other varieties of tropical fish to several aquarium societies and currently specializes in breeding various dwarf species.

Starting with varieties of freshwater shrimps, his successes in breeding continued into rainbows, corydoras, dwarf cichlids and discus. In this lecture, Waylon will share real life experiences and guide you with easy instructions and best practices in breeding dwarf species. As an added bonus, Waylon will unveil his secrets in breeding the delicate Electric Blue Rams. Come join us this Friday May 2nd and learn from his success.

Also be sure to catch the SIG directed by Leon Garden that starts up around 6:15pm as he leads a chat about the advantages of using CO2 in planted tanks.

For those planning on coming for this month's SIG, here is the May syllabus

*** Please note that the meeting room is again on the second floor of Fort Mason ***

April 4th, 2014 @ 7:00pm sharp! - Spring Mega Swap

Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room C220

The 2014 Spring Mega Swap

Our lively SFAS Spring Mega event is here again and it's your chance to buy some great used gear and livestock from your fellow members on consignment. You never know what you'll find so make a point of checking it out. Of course you don't have to be a member to buy at the auction, but you do need to be a member to sell. It is easy to become a member with our online form and here are some great tips from Dick Au to help you sell your fish and gear. Sellers, please print out and complete your auction form ahead of time.

While we have no raffle this time around, we do have an assortment of other goodies from our corporate sponsors to auction off during the event. For the Spring Mega Swap, we will also waive the 25 items per member limit although the limit of 3 identical items is still to be enforced. See you all at Fort Mason and please try to be on time as we plan to engage in earnest to move the consignment as soon as everything's set.

For April, we will still be in room C220 at Fort Mason.

Also please take note that our SIG, headed by Leon Garden, is starting up around 6pm so be sure to get here earlier to take in that lively discussion group. The subject for April revolves around lighting for planted tanks, so don't miss out on some valuable insights surrounding this hot topic. In case you missed the action from the SIG held last month in March, please click here for the lecture notes

For those planning on coming for this month's SIG, here is the April syllabus

March 7th, 2014 @ 7:00pm - Cichlid Adventures with Dr. Ron

Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room C260

Cichlid Adventures in Costa Rica

Ron Coleman is an Associate Professor at California State University, Sacramento and teaches courses on Ichthyology (the study of fishes), Fisheries Biology, Animal Behavior and other related topics. In his research, he is interested in the behavior and ecology of fishes, and is particularly interested in parental care in New World cichlid fishes. Each year he spends three weeks in Costa Rica chasing cichlids. The picture for example shows a dramatic relationship between a Tomocichla tuba female with fry that the speaker took in January 2014. Join Dr. Ron this Friday March 7th on another wonderful adventure, and bring a friend.

*** Please note that the meeting room is now in room C220 on the second floor ***

February 7th, 2014 @ 7:00pm - Keeping Altolamprologus

Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room C260

Keeping Altolamprologus - a 3D experience

Anthony Tu has been involved with the tropical fish hobby for more than 30 years. His passion for African Cichlids began in 1995 when he joined the PCCA and he has specialized in keeping and breeding 12 variant of Cyphotilapia. In April 2008, he was awarded the honor of Master Breeder from the PCCA’s Breeder Awards Program. He has written several frontosa articles and has been published in several fish club journals in the U.S.

The program discusses the genus Altolamprologus of Lake Tanganyika such as: natural habitat, distinguish between variants and species, feeding, breeding behavior and raising fry.

*** Please note that the meeting room is once again in room C260 on the second floor ***

Please also remember that our SFAS SIG begins this month at 6:15pm, so do come early and check out this event. This first of many bi-monthly SIGs (Special Interest Group) is about Aquatic Plants. Our Aquatic Plant SIG led by Leon Garden will be held in the same room as the regular First Friday Meeting, commences at 6:15pm and will last for roughly a half-hour. See you there!

January 3, 2014 @ 7:00pm - SFAS Roundtable Q+A session

Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room C260

Questions and Answers Session

We're changing the format of the speaking presentation for this upcoming month by introducing a roundtable of experts in various fields related to our aquatic hobby in lieu of a dedicated speaker. We will appoint a moderator to handle the influx of questions from the general membership to cover major topics from the freshwater and marine realms along with aquatic plants, maintenance, breeding, and other questions that arise. Come join us for a fun time this Friday, January 3 and bring a friend.

*** Please note that the meeting room is at Fort Mason room C260 so do not go to the third floor ***

Please also remember that our SFAS SIG begins in February, so mark this on your calendars and check out this event. This first of many bi-monthly SIGs (Special Interest Group) is about Aquatic Plants. In February 2014, SFAS is restarting a bi-monthly Special Interest Group (SIG) about Aquatic Plants. Our Aquatic Plant SIG will be held in the same room as the regular First Friday Meeting, will commence at 6:15pm and will last for roughly a half-hour.

The Feb topic will be: "What are those plants that some people bring to the auction each month?" and future topics might include: What kinds of dirt are used to plant plants?, Where do the plants get enough Carbon to grow?, How do you fertilize Aquatic Plants?, Can my tanks look like Amano's pictures?, What are some good local sources for Aquatic Plants? and almost anything else that SIG participants suggest. Presenters at the first few SIGs will be members of the local plant club -- San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society, SFBAAPS. Come a little early to Fort Mason for the regular SFAS meeting in February and join our first new SIG to talk about aquarium plants.

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